Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First California Weigh-In!

Aiden & Daddy!
Well the time has come, Aiden and I are in California! It was a tearful goodbye at the airport on Tuesday(at least on my part) and hard to leave Dave knowing that it will be a big chunk of time before we get to see him again. I was extremely nervous about flying with Aiden, but of course, it turns out there was no reason to be. The little man slept through both flights and did not even make a peep! He used our layover in Atlanta to be awake and chat with the people around us, basically use up all his energy so that he would be exhausted for our 4 hour flight. Even though he was an angel it was still a little rough for me, because he is such a big boy and a sleep squirmer! My arm was ready to fall off after that flight! It was the smoothest LAX (Los Angeles Airport) experience, anyone probably ever had. We walked off the plane (which landed almost 30 minutes early) and the car seat and stroller were right there waiting for us. I took Aiden for a quick change, then we hit the elevators and the moment we stepped out and turned I saw my mom and Dad headed to baggage claim. I called out to them, there was a quick exchange of baby and hugs when I saw my luggage on the carousel! Some nice man helped me get one of the suitcases off, my cardboard box was in perfect condition and all my luggage was easily identifiable by the socks I tied to them! :) I know, cardboard boxes and socks..I thought it would be a good theft deterrent and would simultanesously allow me to recognize my new luggage. We got everything packed up into the car and headed to ouyr temporary home for the next couple months.
Today I set up the Wii, so we could continue Aiden's growth charts and the Weigh-In Wednesday tradition. Aiden is adjusting to the new surroundings like a champ but I know that he misses his Daddy, as do I. We can't wait till he joins us in California, I hope he knows how much we love and appreciate him. I'll keep you all updated on our future adventures now that we are in a brand new state!

Date: May 23, 2012
Weight: 16.3 pounds
Height: 27 inches

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  1. I look forward to following all of your future adventures on here my friend!