Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pictures & Videos!

If I cannot find the time to write a thorough and detailed blog, the least I could do is brighten your day with a few pictures and videos.

Aiden and Piper playing in the garage. 

Woah! Why am I wearing this Detroit hat??

High Five Brother!

8 Months Old!! Crawling, Pulling Himself Up to Stand, Eating Everything!!

Baby Play Yard! He LOVES IT!!!

There is no sound I love more than the laughter of my boys!!

"There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor."
Charles Dickens

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Blogger Silence Broken

I have let the fact that I have fallen so behind in blogging keep me from actually blogging. I tell myself that I will write catch up posts that are thorough and fantastic, but that just puts me further behind when I am unable to get them done.  Basically, life has been crazy and does not show any signs of slowing down. Work is nuts, I have been putting in at least 9 hours a day and I still have enough work to keep me busy on the weekends.

Aiden loves feeding all of our animals. Every day he asks to feed the dogs, fish and our bearded dragon.  His vocabulary is "enormous." I swear that sometimes he sounds like an adult, but then he reminds me that he is still a little kid with his crazy antics. He is loud and funny, and very smart. He begs me to go to school everyday, so we will probably start more structured "class time" soon. I have not decided if I am homeschooling yet, but I am still leaning towards taking that on as well. Right now I am teaching him how to play Go Fish, he is catching on pretty quickly. I really want him to love games like I do, it will be so great to have people to play with as the boys grow older!

Connor is growing like crazy. He started full on crawling two days ago. He is still faster getting places by rolling and scooting, but he has added crawling to his mobility wheelhouse. Connor has been sitting up on his own from a laying down position and pulling himself up. I feel like he is going to start walking too soon after crawling :( He just cut his third tooth a few days ago, but has been good about not using it too much to bite me. He loves pretty much any food he can get his hands on and likes to drink small amount of water from a bottle. His favorite person is Aiden, hands down. Aiden will spend hours making Connor laugh, it is both adorable and wonderful. I hope that they always have a fantastic relationship.

I am missing A LOT of pictures to post here, I will try to get them off my dad's camera next time I am in town. For now, here are some pictures of the kids and some of our recent adventures.

Passed out from playing too hard in his ball pit

San Diego Wild Animal Park

Super Baby!

Brother Pictures are fun!

Don't you mess with my brother!

Giggles with mama

Happy Baby!!!

What is he doing??

He is crazy!

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

Fun in the Sun!!!

Connor planning his next move to grab the cards.

Helicopter ride outside the Kmart in Kingman

Mmmm..I found a spoon to chew...

My goodness, it's delicious!!!