Thursday, September 24, 2015

My Sweet Boy

Isn't is crazy how much energy children have?  I have had more than one person talk to me about wishing they could bottle it up and use it for themselves. Aiden always seems to have an incredible amount of energy, he is constantly running. jumping and rolling around the house. He has recently learned to somersault, and he is very proud of himself. We did a little interview, but he could barely keep still :) I think that his enthusiasm and energy just adds to the fun of it. Hope this makes you smile and brightens your week!

Aiden is the best big brother that I have ever seen. I am so thankful that he continues to be a loving, empathetic, caring human being. So often I see people tainted and hardened by the world, and it is so wonderful to see his good nature blossoming. I hope that he always keeps his sweet, positive attitude and loving demeanor. I am so blessed. ---Aiden sings this song to his little brother whenever he is crying, and most of the time it works in calming him down. :)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Long Overdue

Connor is 10 months old now. He stands on his own, took his first steps last weekend at his first "Kasbon Campout", crawls at lighting speed, eats anything and everything he can get his hands on and has the cutest laugh I have ever heard. He loves playing with his brother, comes to me when I call, waves like crazy to say hello and already has an adventurers spirit. His hair is still red and his eyes are still blue, but he is losing some of his chunkiness since he is on the move so much now.

Aiden gets smarter everyday, "reads" to me and his brother, surprises me with his logic everyday, loves to help me in the kitchen and has now added cracking eggs to his repertoire. He told me today in the car that his favorite farm animal was a pig and that his favorite zoo animal is a monkey. He is big on favorites, he asks me what all my favorites are and likes to tell me what his favorite things are. His favorite book right now is called, "Don't Laugh Joe." He has recently become afraid of his room at night, which has added to mommy not getting any sleep because I am now rotating the boys throughout the night in and out of my bed. He is SO excited for Halloween. He asks me everyday if it is Halloween yet, and currently wants to be a witch but it has changed a few times so far.

In the past couple months we have been to Michigan to see our good friends get married, gone to Big Bear for Cousins Campout, started the crazy volleyball coaching season, took Aiden bowling for the first time and went to the Kasbon Campout. I have fallen dreadfully behind on sending out birthday cards (sorry to people who were born in July, August & September), I am going to try to pick back up with it by the end of the month but I feel bad for all those missed birthdays in the middle. I have been obsessively baking lately, I cannot put my finger on what it is I want to bake so I am trying several things in hopes that I will just happen upon that unknown delight that I am craving. No one here is complaining since they have a never ending line of treats to satisfy their sweet cravings.  My Kitchenaid is getting a daily(sometimes more)  workout with all the baking and cooking I have been doing. I used it the other day to grate cheese, shred chicken and makes cookie dough. :) Well, I have rambled enough for now just thought I would give you all a long overdue update on how we are doing! :)

Me and the boys have started eating all our meals together at the table....

as you can see, they have a good time. :) My silly boys.

He LOVES food!! It makes him happy.

Grandma put him to sleep after a long day...

Aiden and Connor playing through the glass door.

Cuddles in Mommy's bed!!

He ate four pieces!! Love those baby blues!