Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Halloween TMNT Style!

Could they look anymore miserable? I had to laugh!
I know that Halloween is over but I still wanted to share some of the pictures that I took that day. This year the boys wanted to be the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Of course, I obliged, jumping on the chance that we could do themed costumes as a family. I hope that they will continue to let me "theme" in the future. We were lucky enough for my mom to come out again this year for Halloween, and she joined in on the TMNT fun! The boys had a fabulous time trick-or-treating at various Trunk-or-Treats around town and made out with more candy than we know what to do with. The boys were not the most cooperative when it came to picture taking, but I managed to a few good ones in. Thank you for taking the time to read and look! 

Probably my favorite pic of the night!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Family Love

I think of the month of November as a month to remember all the things that you are thankful for. It is the start of the "Holiday Season," which is either your favorite time of year or your least favorite. I feel like there is no in-between when it comes to this season, people either love it or hate it. I have always been a lover of the holidays, and I think all the credit for that goes to my amazing family. I was blessed to be born into a family that not only loves each other, but loves spending time together.  Family gatherings were things that were to be looked forward to, not dreaded like I see with many other families. We gathered together for the pleasure of each others company, and not out of some sense of obligation. I know how blessed I am to have had that growing up, and I hope that my boys will grow up with the same feelings about their family.  I cherish all of the time spent with my family growing up and am truly thankful that a love of this time of year was fostered through years of magical memories with my loved ones. I have been practicing my photography and I am hoping that I can capture some of the love and wonder of this season while my kids are still young. Here's to a wonderful holiday season!  These pictures are from a trip we just took to Bearizona & Sedona this week.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Personal Responsibility

It seems like a lot of kids and teens today lack a strong work ethic and sense of personal responsibility. I noticed it before I had children, but it did not become so glaringly obvious until after I became responsible for molding my own young minds. I want something different for my sons, I want them to be hard-working, capable, helpful, thoughtful, responsible young men. I have thought about different ways to start instilling these values in them while they are young, and I have recently landed on household chores. Aiden has gotten to an age and mental capacity that he can start taking on more responsibilities around the house, but mostly in his own room.  I think that is important to make things fun, I try to take a "Mary Poppins" attitude toward cleaning when I'm cleaning with the boys. In trying to make things fun and organized for Aiden's new responsibilities, I made him an Avengers themed chore chart! I picked up a cookie sheet at the 99 cent store and some magnets on clearance at Walmart, so this didn't break the bank. The only spendy part was the paint, but I have multiple projects that I plan on using it for so it is not so bad. I still have a few more magnets to make, but I did not want to overwhelm him with too many tasks at once. The fun part is that he has started to think of new magnets for me to make, I am glad that it was so easy to get him on board! If he does all his chores in a day, he gets to put one of the small magnets onto the corresponding circle. If he completes all his chores for the week, he gets a special treat. I have not determined exactly what that is yet, but will probably vary from week to week. He just recently had a "Daddy Adventure Day" with David and absolutely loved it, so I am thinking about having another one of those in the rotation for rewards.

Aiden's current chores include:

  • Make his bed
  • Brush his teeth
  • Pick up his dirty clothes
  • Open & Close his curtains
  • Water the plants
  • Put on his pajamas
  • Pick up his toys
  • Help Set & Clear the table

Fun Times in the Hallway with Friends!

Aiden is a lover of animals, so he was pretty excited when we put a hummingbird feeder
on his window. This is one of the first hummingbirds we got! We were all pretty stoked
when it came!

Image result for daddy adventure day
Daddy Adventure day was inspired by this book
that Aiden chose to check out at the library. It is
a really cute book that I highly recommend for all
little boys.

"The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence."

Denis Waitley