Monday, March 12, 2018

Batter Up!

Sports have always played a pretty big role in my life. We have been participating in them since before I can even remember. I always wanted my kids to be active in sports, because I feel like there are so many benefits from playing. In a world that is dominated by screens and technology, it is nice to interact with other people and get some physical activity in. I am excited to say that we signed up Aiden for baseball this year, and so far he is absolutely loving it! He ends almost every practice with a huge smile on his face and excitement for the next time he gets to play again. I say "almost every practice" because the last practice ended in tears, while he was batting the ball hit off his bat and into his chin which hurt. I encouraged him to finish his turn at bat, and he ended up getting a hit and running in the bases. :) Tough love for the win. Connor is having a hard time sitting on the sidelines, he wants so badly to play. We caved yesterday and bought him a little glove so that he can at least practice, and play catch with us when we go to the park. Aiden's first game is this week and I am so excited and so nervous for him, I did not realize you could get these kinds of butterflies for other people! Aiden playing a sport is also giving me a chance to work on some sports photography. I am hoping that as the season progresses I will get better and better. 

Friday, March 2, 2018

Birthday Adventures

Birthday Donuts! 
Somehow six years have elapsed since my eldest was born. I closed my eyes and when I opened them my baby had developed into an amazing kid.  He is smart-as-a-whip,  funny, helpful, polite, incredibly silly, and super empathetic.  We started his sixth birthday off in our "loose" tradition of birthday donuts. Both boys gobbled both of their donuts up and then we headed home to pack for our trip to California for Aiden's birthday party. While I was packing our bags, I hear a knock at my door and a very concerned voice telling me that Connor is in danger.  I make my way to the living room to find my incredibly guilty-looking son, staring at the floor and holding his stomach. They both then inform me that Connor was playing with a penny in his mouth and has accidentally swallowed it.  Inside, I am having a mini freak out but I remain calm and ask Connor a series of questions to determine my next course of action. He tells me that his stomach hurts, so since there is pain after swallowing a foreign object I decide to take him into the emergency room.  Dave was already at work, so I headed to
Brotherly Concern
See the penny?!
IHOP first to let him know what was going on. Apparently, I have a terrible poker face, his manager told him that he could leave because of the deeply concerning look I had on my face. So Aiden's 6th birthday was spent in the emergency room.  When we walked in Aiden was crying, out of concern for his brother and the ladies initially thought that he was the one we were coming in about. They were surprised to hear the calm and collected three-year-old was the emergency room patient. A couple hours later we left the emergency room knowing that he swallowed the penny and instructed to search through his excrement to make sure he passed it.  They said that it should only take a couple days because of how far along it already was....but in actuality it took 11 days. 11 long days. I am happy to report that we took another X-ray this week and his little body is penny-free! This mom is very thankful not to be searching through poo anymore, without a doubt one of the worst mom duties I have ever had.

Hooray! Penny Free!!!

Even though we were in the emergency room the day before Aiden's birthday party, we were still able to pull off a pretty good party. Aiden had an amazing time, and I think everyone else did too, which at the end of the day is all that matters to me.  We are so blessed to have such amazing family and friends that always make our parties successful. It is all about the wonderful people that we spend it with.

I put together a slideshow of some of the pictures of the party.
I hope you enjoy! 
(I suggest making the slideshow larger so you can see the pictures. I will also be posting these pictures to Facebook, so feel free to enjoy them there as well!)

Saturday, February 24, 2018

S"no"w Way!

We do not get a whole lot of snow here in Kingman, Arizona, so even the smallest flurries are a pretty big deal to my little boys. The snow did not stick, so there were no snowmen made or snowball fights to be had but my kids found the joy in the moment they were given. They ran outside in their winter coats, desperately trying to catch the tiny flakes on their tiny tongues. It is so much fun to watch them experience little things, that so many take for granted. I love that something as pure and simple as a few snowflakes can make them so deliriously happy. I have a few things that I want to write about, including Aiden's birthday and Connor's emergency room trip but I am waiting for a few things to happen before I dive into those topics. Until then, please enjoy a few pictures of my boys enjoying a few snow flakes in our backyard.