Friday, April 13, 2018


 This is my feisty three-year-old. The kid that makes me hold my breath longer than I ever thought I could.  He pushes me to my limits with his no-fear, action-packed, no holds barred approach to life. The great thing about this is it keeps me in the moment and it makes the calm moments he has so much sweeter. I love the first photo because it captures his personality. Connor is into everything, eager to know all things and extremely stubborn. I love seeing his personality develop and his ability to make me laugh and look at the world in different ways. I thought I would put up a small blurb about Connor, since a lot of my posts have been about Aiden since he has so much going on in his young life. I am so in love with this kid's beautiful blue eyes!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Crossing Things Off

There are many things on my bucket list that I may never cross off, but I get excited every time that I do get to put a line through one of them. "Learn to sew" was one of my bucket list items, and although I still have a lot to learn I feel comfortable to check it off the list. I have successfully completed 20+ projects, including my latest, a blanket for Dave's birthday. A blanket for Dave was quite the endeavor because I wanted it to be really nice and REALLY big(Dave-Sized), not your typical blanket. I have had the material for the blanket for over a year, I just found the project really daunting. Finally, after making Christmas presents for my family, mending/altering a bunch of clothes and realizing that I needed to do this birthday on a budget, I decided that I was ready to tackle the blanket. It turned out better than I expected, not perfect, but still really nice. I finally feel comfortable with my sewing machine and like I can do anything! There is so much more to explore in the sewing world but I no longer feel incredibly intimidated and I look forward to the journey! 

Bucket List:
Learn to Sew
What's next??

Monday, March 26, 2018

Aiden's First Game

We made an unexpected trip to California this past week, which has thrown off my blogging schedule. Sorry for the missed week, but instead of letting it get me down I am just going to push on through. On Saturday, March 24, Aiden had his very first baseball game. He was so nervous, so of course, I was also very nervous. Once he was out there, he did great and had an awesome time! I love watching him play a sport and enjoy it. I hope that he continues to grow as a player and a person, and that his love for sports continues to flourish. I got to do snacks for this game, which made it extra special for both of us. I made little goody bags filled with lemonade, pokemon fruit snacks, a squirt gun and homemade rice krispie treats made to look like baseballs. I really enjoy going the extra mile to make things special for the ones I love.