Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Messy Boy=Wonderful Life :)

The laundry from this basket is all over his floor...
Watching his new buddies!
This past weekend I had my first lesson from a friend on crocheting. It is going to take me awhile before I am making awesome minion hats like she can, but I am making significant progress on my blanket for Aiden. Hooray, I love checking off boxes on my domestic skills. I also hired the photographer, dj, and got our first RSVP card back this week. This wedding is really happening! I cannot believe that it is only 59 days away. So much to do, and so little time! Aiden has been doing pretty well, we added a few family members this week and he is completely thrilled. In case you were wondering, the family members are fish. We have been wanting to get fish for quite some time because Aiden gets so excited whenever we are near them.  My little man is very helpful but on the flip side, he makes a bigger mess than I even knew was possible. Hurricane Sanders blasts through our house on a daily basis and I feel like I spend most of my day just trying to weather the storm. I did not realize how much he had in his room until he pulled EVERY single thing off his shelves and onto the floor. Even though he is a handful, we have so much fun with each other. Every day is an adventure and I am so thankful that I get to be a part of his! :)

He makes a mess but he is so cute!

My first crocheting project :)

Baking with Aiden=Flour EVERYWHERE

Playing Around with Centerpiece Ideas

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day Late

Yesterday I was busy finishing up wedding invitations, so here is the weekly post a day late but still done in a somewhat timely manner. The days seems to be flying by at lightning speed, only sixty-five days till Dave and I exchange I do's.  I am hoping that I can get everything done, planned and paid for on time! A wedding is A LOT of work! Even though I am busy with work and wedding, I still make sure to etch out plenty of time to make memories with my little monkey. Today we made zucchini chocolate chip muffins together. Aiden poured each cup of ingredients into the bowl, he did a good amount of the stirring and even added the chocolate chips despite wanting to eat them.  He did take one of the chocolate chips out of the bowl and fed it to me, so that he could have one for himself. That little boy is one smart cookie! He also put a muffin liner in each one of the spaces of the pan! I was so impressed, maybe one day he could be one Master Chef Junior. The kids on that show are so impressive, I hope to cook that well one day.:) Now that it is getting cooler, Aiden gets to go back to footed pajamas which we are both loving.  I love how completely adorable he looks in them, and he loves how comfy they are. Enjoy our photos from this week!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween 2013

This was Aiden's second Halloween. Last year he was Scooby Doo, this year we dressed him up as a monkey. We thought it was fitting since he loves Curious George and we tend to call him "monkey." He was so fun to take trick-or-treating this year. He said "Bye" and waived at every house. Some guy answered the door in a scary mask and growled, Aiden jumped a little but growled right back.  It was pretty hilarious.  One of the houses we went to contained a pretty tipsy fellow, he tried to hand Aiden the candy. Instead of taking the candy, Aiden pointed to his bucket! Hooray, he does not take candy from strange people! On top of saying "Bye" to everyone, he said "Thank you," to one of them. He is starting to use "thank you" a lot, which makes me very happy. I am determined to raise a little boy with manners. Our wedding invitations are getting printed this week, so hopefully I will mail them out by next week! Have a good week all!