Wednesday, March 27, 2013


It has been a crazy few weeks! Sorry for my absence from the blogosphere: I was attending funeral, hanging out with my brother who flew home from Italy, and taking a train home in the middle of the night. This made blogging VERY difficult because I also had to get all my work done and take care of my little munchkin aka the STAR of this blog. My humblest apologies for not bringing you your weekly update, I really do try my best to get you updates in a timely manner. So Aiden experienced his first funeral, he was a perfect gem in church barely made a peep! He also LOVED having both of his uncles to hang out with, it was so great to see him interact with the two of them. Adam taught him to be like Gollum, much to my dismay and Matthew had him bouncing along to his "unce unce unce."
We also had our first train ride, which was fun but rough. It was in the middle of the night, so Aiden was little fussy. However, when we moved to the "Lounge," he came to life and had a ton of fun flirting with all the girls up there. That kid is a people person! Since we have been home, he has been cracking me up. He is really coming into his sense of humor, and the humor is extremely silly! He loves to laugh, which in turn makes me laugh, which makes him laugh! :) It is a wonderful circle of laughter! We also celebrated Dave's birthday this week, we spoiled him pretty good! Aiden even helped open his birthday present! This weekend we are headed back to California (making the drive for the millionth time, I hope they appreciate the effort here!) to spend Easter with the family. I cannot wait to see him in the Easter Egg Hunt! This is his second Easter, but the first one he is mobile, so it should be a ton of fun! I've taken a lot of video lately, but we are having technical difficulties. Hopefully they will be posted soon!

Loves Stuffed Animals!

We Make Forts. We are AWESOME! :)

Gotta Love Tigger Outfit and an Angels Hat!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Waving on Wednesday!

Date: March 6, 2013
Weight: 24.7 pounds
Height: 35 inches
Shoe Size: 6
My life is constantly busy. I feel like I am going at warp speed 99% of the time, trying to get everything done. Thankfully Aiden is starting to help (in his own way) when it comes to cleaning up his mess.  We recently got bins to put all of his different toys in and shelves lower to the ground for his books. He has started to put toys back in the bins and put books back when he is done reading them. This has me more than thrilled because it takes one tiny thing off of my ever growing to-do list. Aiden is running around the house full speed, it amazes me how fast he can go now. Every time he enters a room that I am in, he waves and it always cracks me up. He has really mastered the wave, whenever we skype he goes crazy and practically waves the whole time. The moment he hears the "skype sound" he gets so excited and starts waving frantically. Today we got to skype with Uncle Matthew! It was great to see the two of them interact, and Aiden had both of us laughing. I love watching all of his silly antics, every day is a new adventure of giggles and glee! :)

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