Thursday, August 14, 2014

Last Week

Last week, we had some super fun visitors! My mom and Auntie Marilyn came to stay for a few days and we had such a great time. I epically failed at taking pictures while they were here, but I did get some pretty good video. We went to this really cool animal refuge place called Keepers of the Wild. There were more tigers there than I have ever seen at any zoo, and they were really active for being the middle of the day. Aiden had such a fun time looking at the animals and hanging out with his grandma and auntie. He was truly devastated when they had to leave, he laid down on the ground and cried. For a couple days following their departure, he would go into the guest bedroom because he thought Auntie Marilyn was still sleeping in there. Lucky for us, we get to see our family tomorrow at Cousins Campout, so he does not have to go very long before getting his "family fix." Thanks for coming out to visit family! We LOVE visitors!

He got up on this rock himself and posed for the picture.

Ready for a Video Overload??? 
(Sorry the sound Quality is not the best, not sure 
what was going on with my phone)
Our Awesome Tiger Experience

Auntie & Marilyn on the Ipad

Singing With the Music

Can't Fight the Music...My Favorite