Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Busy Learning

Woohoo, yesterday we won our volleyball game against one of our toughest opponents! It is so amazing when everything falls into place and you can actually see how much the players you have coached have improved. On Thursday we are facing the hardest team in the league, so I am hoping that we bring the same level of play to that game; if we do, we will win. On Sunday, we canned peaches. It was a TON of work, but we got it done and I think they turned out pretty well. I learned that Aiden is definitely my son, he loves pumpkin! I made some muffins yesterday and he has been gobbling them up like they are candy.  Even though we are really busy we are still learning new things everyday, enjoy this video of Aiden's latest learning! :)
This video is just Aiden being silly and spinning, made me smile so I thought it would make you guys smile as well!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Another Week

I am really busy this week, we just got news that we might have to move because our landlord wants to sell our house. This is was not really the best news, nor the best timing. It is really going to put a dent in our wedding fund, but we will find a way to make it all work. Volleyball season is marching on, unfortunately we lost our last game. I think that the girls were nervous playing in front of their fellow classmates; as it was our first home game. We have another game tomorrow, I am hoping to be home by 8 or 9 at night. I made apple butter over the weekend and have 5 delicious jars sitting on my shelves, I am becoming quite the canner. :) In fact, this weekend I plan on canning 22 lbs. of peaches! I know, just another thing on my never ending to-do list but I find it very rewarding and relaxing. We attended the Kingman Fair with our friends this past weekend, and had a pretty great time. Aiden loved seeing all the animals, especially the petting zoo! That kid is such an animal lover, he kept waving and saying hi to all of the little creatures running around. On top of going to the fair, I built Aiden a fort in his bedroom! :) I am pretty proud of it, and he really loves it. Well I have to cut this short because of my laundry list of things to do(including laundry), hope you all have a great week!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Crazy Times

Well it is our second week of games and so far, our record is 2-1. We played pretty well, and I am confident that we will beat to the team that we lost to when we meet them again later in the season. Dave's first game was pretty insane, they lost their best player to a broken leg! Aiden has become the "sports" orphan around here, he gets passed around between practices and players while Dave and I try to coach and run things. He loves the attention but has started teething pretty bad, which makes him want to be in Mommy's arms most of the time. This makes running practice problematic but we are making it work. Aiden is pushing through five teeth right now, including two molars; my poor little munchkin. We have been having a lot of fun with our new friends, as seen by the pictures below of them in a box that they kept just for when Aiden comes over. They all love him, and have a blast playing with him.

 Aiden and I had a blast taking these pictures, this is just four out of about 
fifty we took! I think that he thinks a camera is called "cheese" because 
every times I pick up the camera he says "Cheese!" Silly kid!

Aiden has not liked popsicles but he loves these homemade ones! We tried
otter pops, but he turned up his nose; apparently he only like the ones made
with 100% juice.   
Aiden and I were watching the rain fall outside when we
noticed that birds were eating all the apples on our tree. Like two superheroes, we 
bounded out into the rain, picked as many apples as we could hold and flew back into 
the house. In the picture above you can see that he is eating one of those apples, and his shirt is wet from the rain. :) Maybe not a mother-of-the-year move, but we had a lot of fun!