Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Wow, how did it get to be December? This year has gone by at warp speeds, next month I am getting married and the month after Aiden will turn 2. Two weeks ago, we had our wedding shower and it was totally magical! It was such a blessing to be surrounded by our family and friends and celebrate our upcoming nuptials. I could not believe the amazing transformation they made to my parents' house, it was a winter wonderland.
We had a new addition to the family this week, my cousin/bridesmaid, Anna, had her baby! I am going to meet her for the first time this weekend if all goes as planned. I am so excited to meet Little "Red." Aiden has a doctor's appointment tomorrow, he has not had one in a really long time because our doctor's office is impossible to get an appointment. I am hoping that this huge gap in time will have helped Aiden forget how much he hates going, and the fact that he gets painful shots every time we go.  Fingers crossed that this appointment goes a lot better than I expect it to go!

We got to meet Adam's girlfriend!!! :)

Aiden's Winter Wonderland Photo Shoot
 He took these all on his own, he just got up on the bench and started posing.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Messy Boy=Wonderful Life :)

The laundry from this basket is all over his floor...
Watching his new buddies!
This past weekend I had my first lesson from a friend on crocheting. It is going to take me awhile before I am making awesome minion hats like she can, but I am making significant progress on my blanket for Aiden. Hooray, I love checking off boxes on my domestic skills. I also hired the photographer, dj, and got our first RSVP card back this week. This wedding is really happening! I cannot believe that it is only 59 days away. So much to do, and so little time! Aiden has been doing pretty well, we added a few family members this week and he is completely thrilled. In case you were wondering, the family members are fish. We have been wanting to get fish for quite some time because Aiden gets so excited whenever we are near them.  My little man is very helpful but on the flip side, he makes a bigger mess than I even knew was possible. Hurricane Sanders blasts through our house on a daily basis and I feel like I spend most of my day just trying to weather the storm. I did not realize how much he had in his room until he pulled EVERY single thing off his shelves and onto the floor. Even though he is a handful, we have so much fun with each other. Every day is an adventure and I am so thankful that I get to be a part of his! :)

He makes a mess but he is so cute!

My first crocheting project :)

Baking with Aiden=Flour EVERYWHERE

Playing Around with Centerpiece Ideas

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day Late

Yesterday I was busy finishing up wedding invitations, so here is the weekly post a day late but still done in a somewhat timely manner. The days seems to be flying by at lightning speed, only sixty-five days till Dave and I exchange I do's.  I am hoping that I can get everything done, planned and paid for on time! A wedding is A LOT of work! Even though I am busy with work and wedding, I still make sure to etch out plenty of time to make memories with my little monkey. Today we made zucchini chocolate chip muffins together. Aiden poured each cup of ingredients into the bowl, he did a good amount of the stirring and even added the chocolate chips despite wanting to eat them.  He did take one of the chocolate chips out of the bowl and fed it to me, so that he could have one for himself. That little boy is one smart cookie! He also put a muffin liner in each one of the spaces of the pan! I was so impressed, maybe one day he could be one Master Chef Junior. The kids on that show are so impressive, I hope to cook that well one day.:) Now that it is getting cooler, Aiden gets to go back to footed pajamas which we are both loving.  I love how completely adorable he looks in them, and he loves how comfy they are. Enjoy our photos from this week!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween 2013

This was Aiden's second Halloween. Last year he was Scooby Doo, this year we dressed him up as a monkey. We thought it was fitting since he loves Curious George and we tend to call him "monkey." He was so fun to take trick-or-treating this year. He said "Bye" and waived at every house. Some guy answered the door in a scary mask and growled, Aiden jumped a little but growled right back.  It was pretty hilarious.  One of the houses we went to contained a pretty tipsy fellow, he tried to hand Aiden the candy. Instead of taking the candy, Aiden pointed to his bucket! Hooray, he does not take candy from strange people! On top of saying "Bye" to everyone, he said "Thank you," to one of them. He is starting to use "thank you" a lot, which makes me very happy. I am determined to raise a little boy with manners. Our wedding invitations are getting printed this week, so hopefully I will mail them out by next week! Have a good week all!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Half my girls with our trophy!!
Woohoo, we ended this volleyball season with a bang! We are going down in the record books as the first team to place in a major tournament.  We even got a trophy, which is super exciting because the only trophies the school has are for chess tournaments. We won 4 out of 5 matches, winning the consolation bracket.  The girls all signed a ball, and a clipboard for me to commemorate the season. I ended up breaking a clipboard because I was so excited during a match, er go the clipboard they gifted me. I did not realize that the tournament was going to take so long, we had made plans to host game night for our friends the same night. I ended up being late to our own game night! It was well worth it to see my girls play to their potential, it was one of the proudest moments of my life. Despite the wonderful experience coaching was, I am pretty excited to have more time at home.  It is so nice to be able to turn my focus to taking care of the house, planning the wedding, having dinner on the table and extra play time with Aiden. This week I ordered my wedding dress, the main components of my centerpieces, and am planning to get Dave and Aiden fitted for their wedding wear this weekend. Busy, busy, busy but excited that things are starting to come together!

Love this kid! :)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dancing, Cheetos, Life :)

This week has been another crazy week. I have been to California the past two weekends, and am looking forward to the limited driving of the weekend to come.  I had to decide on a wedding venue this weekend, and I am happy to say that we finally chose a place.  I have only seen pictures, but it looks beautiful. I hope that everyone likes it because it took a lot of work picking the place.  This is my last week of volleyball, we finished our season of with a record of 5-5. Not so bad for my first head coaching gig, at least we broke even.  We have our end of the year tournament on Saturday, it would be really great if my girls could place but they tend to choke under pressure. Aiden is going to miss going to Dave's school everyday, he had made a lot of friends and loves visiting his Daddy.  Everyday around 3, he runs to the front door and says "bye" because he knows that it is time to go to practice.  I am hoping that it does not take him long to get over the disappointment of staying home.  By now, you should have received your Save the Dates, did you all find the hidden Mickey? Unfortunately, I still have not found my camera but I do have a video that really shows off Aiden's dancing skills. Enjoy! :)

Wearing Daddy's Coaching Shirt

First Pair of Slippers, They are Cars!!!

Aiden LOVES playing outside at his Grandparents!

Fell asleep eating Cheetos!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Aiden in the Kitchen

Bad news, my camera has gone missing so I do not have any photos this week.  I had a couple of really cute ones this past weekend of Aiden, but hopefully I can post them next week. For now, enjoy this video of Aiden working in the kitchen. He LOVES helping me cook in the kitchen, so I gave him some bowls and spices to do some of his own cooking. :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Nothing But Photos!

I know that I said nothing but photos in the title but I wanted to comment on the bottom photo in the right corner. This is where Aiden ended up when I put him down for a nap. He climbed up into his rocking chair, and onto his dresser; so he could stand up in the window.  He has becoming a crazy adventurous climber lately, everyday he discovers a new place and way to climb up and get into trouble. We are headed to California this weekend for a wedding, and Aiden gets some quality grandparent time! :) I think everyone is pretty excited about it. Hopefully I will have some good pictures to post next week!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Plenty of Photos!

Award Winning Smile!
He Likes to Pose for the Camera!
I have been super proud of my food skills these past two weeks, we have eaten in every night and they have been good meals! :) Tonight, we had some delicious shredded pork tacos. I cooked the pork in a homemade green sauce, and it was quite scrumptious! Aiden loves to help me cook, and he is a really good helper. I let him put several ingredients in the mixer when I make cookies, and he gets so excited when I turn it on.  I think I have a little chef in the making, he is particularly good at adding salt and pepper to all our dishes.  We have started to ease our way into the potty training world, Aiden know the word "Potty" and that it means we are going to the bathroom. I am hoping that it is not too hard to train him, but we will see. Everything is an adventure with this little one. We got our Save the Dates in the mail this week, so watch your mailboxes. There is a hidden mickey on them, so keep your eyes peeled. Dave could not find it, so do not feel too bad if you cannot. Wedding planning is stressful, but I am plugging along and slowly checking things off my list. Thanks for checking in on the blog this week! :)

Carrying His Cup Like a Football

Homemade M'n'M Cookies!!!

I LOVE His Laugh!

He Cannot Believe It!

Crazy Hair!!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Busy Learning

Woohoo, yesterday we won our volleyball game against one of our toughest opponents! It is so amazing when everything falls into place and you can actually see how much the players you have coached have improved. On Thursday we are facing the hardest team in the league, so I am hoping that we bring the same level of play to that game; if we do, we will win. On Sunday, we canned peaches. It was a TON of work, but we got it done and I think they turned out pretty well. I learned that Aiden is definitely my son, he loves pumpkin! I made some muffins yesterday and he has been gobbling them up like they are candy.  Even though we are really busy we are still learning new things everyday, enjoy this video of Aiden's latest learning! :)
This video is just Aiden being silly and spinning, made me smile so I thought it would make you guys smile as well!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Another Week

I am really busy this week, we just got news that we might have to move because our landlord wants to sell our house. This is was not really the best news, nor the best timing. It is really going to put a dent in our wedding fund, but we will find a way to make it all work. Volleyball season is marching on, unfortunately we lost our last game. I think that the girls were nervous playing in front of their fellow classmates; as it was our first home game. We have another game tomorrow, I am hoping to be home by 8 or 9 at night. I made apple butter over the weekend and have 5 delicious jars sitting on my shelves, I am becoming quite the canner. :) In fact, this weekend I plan on canning 22 lbs. of peaches! I know, just another thing on my never ending to-do list but I find it very rewarding and relaxing. We attended the Kingman Fair with our friends this past weekend, and had a pretty great time. Aiden loved seeing all the animals, especially the petting zoo! That kid is such an animal lover, he kept waving and saying hi to all of the little creatures running around. On top of going to the fair, I built Aiden a fort in his bedroom! :) I am pretty proud of it, and he really loves it. Well I have to cut this short because of my laundry list of things to do(including laundry), hope you all have a great week!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Crazy Times

Well it is our second week of games and so far, our record is 2-1. We played pretty well, and I am confident that we will beat to the team that we lost to when we meet them again later in the season. Dave's first game was pretty insane, they lost their best player to a broken leg! Aiden has become the "sports" orphan around here, he gets passed around between practices and players while Dave and I try to coach and run things. He loves the attention but has started teething pretty bad, which makes him want to be in Mommy's arms most of the time. This makes running practice problematic but we are making it work. Aiden is pushing through five teeth right now, including two molars; my poor little munchkin. We have been having a lot of fun with our new friends, as seen by the pictures below of them in a box that they kept just for when Aiden comes over. They all love him, and have a blast playing with him.

 Aiden and I had a blast taking these pictures, this is just four out of about 
fifty we took! I think that he thinks a camera is called "cheese" because 
every times I pick up the camera he says "Cheese!" Silly kid!

Aiden has not liked popsicles but he loves these homemade ones! We tried
otter pops, but he turned up his nose; apparently he only like the ones made
with 100% juice.   
Aiden and I were watching the rain fall outside when we
noticed that birds were eating all the apples on our tree. Like two superheroes, we 
bounded out into the rain, picked as many apples as we could hold and flew back into 
the house. In the picture above you can see that he is eating one of those apples, and his shirt is wet from the rain. :) Maybe not a mother-of-the-year move, but we had a lot of fun!