Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dancing, Cheetos, Life :)

This week has been another crazy week. I have been to California the past two weekends, and am looking forward to the limited driving of the weekend to come.  I had to decide on a wedding venue this weekend, and I am happy to say that we finally chose a place.  I have only seen pictures, but it looks beautiful. I hope that everyone likes it because it took a lot of work picking the place.  This is my last week of volleyball, we finished our season of with a record of 5-5. Not so bad for my first head coaching gig, at least we broke even.  We have our end of the year tournament on Saturday, it would be really great if my girls could place but they tend to choke under pressure. Aiden is going to miss going to Dave's school everyday, he had made a lot of friends and loves visiting his Daddy.  Everyday around 3, he runs to the front door and says "bye" because he knows that it is time to go to practice.  I am hoping that it does not take him long to get over the disappointment of staying home.  By now, you should have received your Save the Dates, did you all find the hidden Mickey? Unfortunately, I still have not found my camera but I do have a video that really shows off Aiden's dancing skills. Enjoy! :)

Wearing Daddy's Coaching Shirt

First Pair of Slippers, They are Cars!!!

Aiden LOVES playing outside at his Grandparents!

Fell asleep eating Cheetos!


  1. My son is a ham and I love it!

  2. How cute, he is swimming in his dad's coaching shirt and his Slippers are great!! Good job on wrapping up your first coaching season :)