Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Plenty of Photos!

Award Winning Smile!
He Likes to Pose for the Camera!
I have been super proud of my food skills these past two weeks, we have eaten in every night and they have been good meals! :) Tonight, we had some delicious shredded pork tacos. I cooked the pork in a homemade green sauce, and it was quite scrumptious! Aiden loves to help me cook, and he is a really good helper. I let him put several ingredients in the mixer when I make cookies, and he gets so excited when I turn it on.  I think I have a little chef in the making, he is particularly good at adding salt and pepper to all our dishes.  We have started to ease our way into the potty training world, Aiden know the word "Potty" and that it means we are going to the bathroom. I am hoping that it is not too hard to train him, but we will see. Everything is an adventure with this little one. We got our Save the Dates in the mail this week, so watch your mailboxes. There is a hidden mickey on them, so keep your eyes peeled. Dave could not find it, so do not feel too bad if you cannot. Wedding planning is stressful, but I am plugging along and slowly checking things off my list. Thanks for checking in on the blog this week! :)

Carrying His Cup Like a Football

Homemade M'n'M Cookies!!!

I LOVE His Laugh!

He Cannot Believe It!

Crazy Hair!!!


  1. Yes! That is definitely an award winning smile!! :)