Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween 2013

This was Aiden's second Halloween. Last year he was Scooby Doo, this year we dressed him up as a monkey. We thought it was fitting since he loves Curious George and we tend to call him "monkey." He was so fun to take trick-or-treating this year. He said "Bye" and waived at every house. Some guy answered the door in a scary mask and growled, Aiden jumped a little but growled right back.  It was pretty hilarious.  One of the houses we went to contained a pretty tipsy fellow, he tried to hand Aiden the candy. Instead of taking the candy, Aiden pointed to his bucket! Hooray, he does not take candy from strange people! On top of saying "Bye" to everyone, he said "Thank you," to one of them. He is starting to use "thank you" a lot, which makes me very happy. I am determined to raise a little boy with manners. Our wedding invitations are getting printed this week, so hopefully I will mail them out by next week! Have a good week all!

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  1. Hooray Aiden! Would have loved to have been with you guys while he was trick or treating :)