Friday, May 18, 2012

3 Months Old!!!

The toys he pushed the buttons on!!!
One arm out!
Almost all the way out!!
I love the moment before I get the shirt over his head,
he looks like a little robot. 

Yesterday our little man reached the 3-month mark! I do not know where the first three months have gone, I can already tell that time is going to fly by so much faster now that I am a parent.
:) On our Weigh-In Wednesday Aiden did something new for the first time. He pushed the buttons on one of his toys to make it play music! :) He has done it three times in the past two days, and every time I swear that I get more excited than he does(even though he gets a huge smile on his face). I just find everything he does so impressive, but him pushing the buttons really pushed me over the top. He is also quite the escape artist when it comes to his swaddle, almost every morning he now has at least one arm out but this morning he had both arms and the swaddle was down around his lower belly!
Tomorrow we get to take family pictures, I will post them as soon as I can. I am so excited!!!

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  1. I look forward to seeing the family pictures my friend!