Saturday, May 5, 2012

4 Things I Never Knew/Understood About Babies

1) Babies are not sound sleepers. Well, I should say they are not always sound sleepers. Whoever came up with the term "sleeping like a baby," was delusional if they were referring to a peaceful sleep. There are brief periods when Aiden sleeps perfectly still, his breathing is quiet, steady and even. However, the rest of the time he is squirming, flailing, snorting, whimpering, and for the most part he continues to sleep through it. I, on the other hand, wake up to all of his little sounds, which makes my sleep considerably less than it should be. Other than hunger, the one thing that consistently wakes Aiden up is a sudden twitch or jerk of his body. These sudden movements can be controlled by swaddling(wrapping your baby tightly in a blanket) or as my mom and I like to call it, putting him in a baby strait jacket.

2) Babies fingernails grow faster than the speed of light and can be used as serious weapons of destruction. Okay, so I am exaggerating a LITTLE, they are not serious weapons of destruction but it is surprising how much damage one little nail can do to both you and your baby. Honestly, I have to clip Aiden's fingernails every 3-4 days or they will grow to a weapon length. I have cute little claw marks on the back of my neck and chest from his little hands digging into me. Clipping his nails is no easy task either, he likes to jerk and pull his hands away; smiling like the whole process is a big game. I guess when you have a solely milk-based diet, it makes sense that your nails grow incredibly fast, I just never thought about it before or realized the implications it had.

Getting his diaper changed!
3) Everything that I thought was gross about babies before doesn't phase me at all now. I have to admit it always weirded me out when I saw people breast feeding in public, but now I get it. I have no problem changing my little man's diaper, it is just a normal part of my day. I have been peed on, pooped on, vomited on, and spit up on and it just doesn't phase me. The only thing that I really get upset about is how Aiden is feeling when he has thrown up. It is impossible to get frustrated or angry with Aiden because he smiles up at me and makes me forget everything else. Every day I am with him, he makes my heart melt and I love him even more.

4) You can never have enough pictures of your own child. I always wondered why people had hundreds of pictures of the baby, and I have to admit I would get tired of seeing those pictures after about the 15th one. After having my own little miracle, I completely understand the "photo obsession" that takes hold of parents. Of course when you have an incredibly cute (handsome/adorable/precious) baby like I do, it makes it particularly hard not to be constantly snapping pictures. I just want to capture every moment, gesture, facial expression and milestone because it is all so incredible to me. So, forgive me in advance if I try to show you 20+ pictures of my perfect little angel!


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    1. Thank you! :) I am glad that someone else thinks so.

  2. Haha he's so cute!!! I love seeing pictures of him.

    1. :) I am so glad you do! I love taking pictures of him!