Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pathetic, Pitiful. . .Pit Bulls?!?

It is a common misnomer that pit bulls are vicious, man-eating, killer dogs. Clearly, those quick-to-judge people have never met our two pathetic puppies. We have two pit bulls, Diesel and Piper, who are big sissies and about as savage as snoozing salamanders. Dave and I have had a running joke going about their aversion to the cold since we saw the movie "Eight Below."
For those of you who have not seen the movie, basically this team of dogs survives in the Antarctic on their own for six months before they are rescued. Our dogs would not last 30 seconds in those arctic temperatures, considering they lay on their pillows shivering while the house dips into the low 60's.
Diesel has been known to not want to stand on the hardwood floor because it is too cold on his paws. He will stand in front of our space heater soaking up the heat like the world has frozen over. Piper just sits/lays on top of Diesel to steal his warmth, or tries to squeeze in next to him on whatever dog bed he is laying on. Diesel and Piper both take every opportunity they can to try to sneak into bed and under the covers, they will do anything and everything to get/keep warm. Even though they are totally pathetic when it comes to temperature, our dogs are absolutely adorable and actually welcome in bed when it gets to be a little too cold for the humans as well. :)

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