Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rocking Out

Date: January 30, 2012
Weight: 23.4 pounds
Height: 34.25 inches
Aiden is feeling much better, and the house is feeling the difference. Everything is getting played with and he is getting into everything. The words now in his repertoire include: "mama," "dada," "dog," and "star." I feel that any day now he is going to start adding to his word list, it will be fun to know what he is babbling about. We spent this past weekend in California, and this weekend we have family coming to see us in Arizona! We are so excited to be able to show off our house and this quaint little town! I know that little Aiden will be the perfect host, he has already gotten so good at sharing his food (whether wanted or not) with others. Sometimes I feel like Iago, in Aladdin, the way he stuffs his cracker in my face. His first birthday is fast approaching, and thankfully we seem to have gotten this sleep thing figured out for the most part. It was one of the milestones I was most looking forward to. I am nailing down the details of his first birthday party and will be sending out invitations within the week. 

He Loves His Rocking Horse

Book + Mirror = Happy Baby

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