Monday, August 6, 2012

Where Are You Wednesday?

    All of a sudden my life has taken a REALLY busy turn and unfortunately blogging has taken a backseat to everything else. I should have a little more time to blog now, but I cannot guarantee the steady flow until September. The last few weeks have been crazy, my mom and I threw a wedding shower for my cousin. We throw a pretty great party, if I do say so myself but I was literally in the kitchen for 3 days straight preparing food for the shindig. We had some amazing grub, which I shall be posting recipes for on a later date.
    Last week, we packed up and moved to Kingman, Az. Starting to get an idea why I have missed a couple blogs? Our new home is wonderful, and I cannot wait to get back to it. Yep,I am not there now, two days after moving in I had to be back in California for our annual Cousins Campout and a bachelorette party. Aiden and I will be returning to Kingman for good the first week of September, right after my cousin's wedding. There is a lot happening between now and then but I will do my absolute best to keep my blog readers up-to-date on Aiden's growth and changes.
Here is a quick recap via pictures of what has been going on in our lives as of late:
My little super hero being flown by my big super hero!

Aiden just started drinking water. Forget sippy cups, he wants to drink right out of mine!

Our new home in Arizona, isn't it cute!?!

Happiest little guy I know!

Thanks Great-Auntie Marilyn! Aiden loves his new books!!!

This is what happens the morning after a bachelorette party, breaking and entering!

Aiden is so excited to be eating solids like everyone else! :) Thanks for the handmade bib, Grandma Patty!
Individual pineapple upside-down cakes that I made for the Wedding Shower

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