Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hello Wednesday!

Aiden and his Grandpa!

   Despite the craziness of this day, I am finding the time to weigh-in and blog. Today, is my youngest brother's first day of his Sophomore year, and I have to take both of my parents to the airport. They are flying to Georgia to see my other brother graduate from the Army. I am more than just a smidge jealous, I haven't seen my little brother since January. I miss him! 
   Aiden has been growing leaps and bounds, but not so much in pounds. He has been sitting comfortably around the 18 mark. This is probably due to the fact that he has become so much more active as of late. Every time I put this little munchkin down, he rolls right over. He is constantly scooting, rolling, squirming, trying to stand and making it darn near impossible to hold his wiggly self! We have just recently added some solids to his diet: avocado, prunes, pears and cereal. He is enjoying it and eating it all up, literally! :) I cannot believe how fast his first year is going, it is incredible to watch a little one develop right before your eyes. Aiden loves to laugh and I hope he keeps that lightheartedness all his life! I entered him in the new face of Gerber contest, voting begins September 4th and I am counting on all of you to help my little munchkin win! I will be posting his number and way to vote when the day is closer. Thanks in advance! :)
Happy Wednesday all, see you next week or earlier if I get a chance!
Date: August 8, 2012
Weight: 18.3 pounds
Height: 30.25 inches

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