Wednesday, October 17, 2012

8-Months Old!!!

Today my little man turns 8-months-old! I cannot tell you how much he has blessed and added to my life, or how much he has subtracted from my sleep(haha)! We are going to the doctor on Friday to get shots, so keep Aiden in your prayers. He is like his mommy, he hates shots. I know that most little kids hate shots, but I still cry as an adult so I am afraid that his dislike is all my fault.
It has been a very crazy and full week since I last posted.  This past weekend we took Aiden to his first park and went on the swings and down the slide with him, he had a blast. This kid is a little daredevil, he just giggled with delight the higher Dave pushed him.
On Monday I started a new job, working from home so I can still take care of my special little guy. I love the job so far, and feel so blessed to be able to be a stay at home mom and make money. Everyone in the company has been so nice to me, and the work thus far has been pretty fun. Monday we also picked up Dave's mom in Vegas, she is staying with us for a visit. We have a lot planned for when she is here, I am hoping that we can fit it all in. It is going to be tough to blog every wednesday, but I know that some of you look forward to the posts so I promise to do my best to keep you updated weekly on Aiden's development. I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!

Date: October 17, 2012
Weight: 22 pounds
Height: 32 inches

First Time on the Swings!

His hair looks red!!!

Aiden's First Time on the Swings!

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