Sunday, April 15, 2012

Life is a Song

I'm singing to him while taking this picture.
Eeyore was singing "Dont Worry, Be Happy." :)
He likes Frank Sinatra, yep, he is my son!!!
Anyone who knows me knows that I am constantly singing, it does not matter where I am or how inappropriate it might be. I cannot help it. I sing to people in the grocery store, the cashiers and clerks, bank tellers, fast food workers, my mom in the Vegas buffet line, you get the picture. My life has been and probably always will be a song, a series of events set to music. I am positive that my mom had something to do with this, because she is constantly singing although not as openly as I do. Recently, I have discovered that the singing I have been doing all my life was really just preparing me for motherhood. Aiden loves being sung to and it seems like he even tries to sing a little back. We sing and dance around our living room for hours at a time, or until my arms feel like they are going to fall off because he is already getting so big. It doesn't matter what activity we are doing, I am probably singing to him. It makes me laugh to listen to myself tweak songs in order to make them fit what we are doing or to adjust them to fit my little one. For example, the classic jingle "Give Me a Break," for the Kit Kat candy bar becomes "Give Me a Burp" after little Aiden has eaten. It takes me by surprise how much Aiden seems to enjoy music in his life, how much it can soothe or delight him depending on the moment. I have always been a lover of music and of singing, but it took experiencing it through the eyes of my son to really appreciate all that music can be. I feel like through song I am able to create an even deeper bond with my little man and for that I am truly thankful. I hope that as he continues to grow, we will be able to further our pastime of making music together and that his appreciation for music will strengthen with time as mine has. Music covers all emotions, moments, and feelings, I hope that I can continue to show him not only how moving music can be but also how much fun you can have with it. Here is hoping that there is a little music in all of the lives of the people I love, life is too short not to dance, sing and enjoy every day!

An Easter picture I forgot to post, he had some happier
looking ones but this one made me laugh.


  1. You're right - Music does covers all emotions, moments, and feelings and it adds a little something to all of our lives. Wonderful post my friend.

  2. Bahahaha the bunny ears picture makes me laugh!