Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Newest Nickname

As of late, I have been referring to Aiden as my little monkey.  Sometimes I combine it with munchkin and call him "monkin." I think it is cute, and boy does it fit. This kid is a crazy climber.  All of a sudden, he has to climb up and onto EVERYTHING! He can climb onto all the couches, chairs, beds, pretty much anything that he can get his leg above. He even managed to climb up the rocking chair, and halfway up his dresser.  I didn't really realize this was a really big issue until I put him in his crib yesterday and he threw his little leg over the bar. I almost died of a heart attack. I had a thousand horror scenarios flash through my mind in an instant, and when I snapped back into reality, I pulled him out of his crib. I am so thankful that I saw it happen instead of discovering him after his escape was complete.  So, yesterday I moved Aiden's crib down to lowest setting, which seems like a real sign that his "baby" days are over. I hope his next milestone is easier on my nerves! Have a great week!

My Little Monkey On the Climb

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