Wednesday, April 10, 2013

All About Aiden

He is thinking about climbing onto the bed, 
which he can now do!

He loves his Grandma and his bunnies
Aiden has added a couple words to his repertoire, one of which is "Night night." With the learning of this word he has started to become a better sleeper and napper.  The number of instances is rapidly growing where I can lay him in his crib (while he is still awake) and he will just lay there and go to sleep without crying.  I cannot begin to tell you what a relief that is, sometimes it seemed like this day would never come. Granted, he still goes to bed later than any baby I know, but it is a start. It also is okay that he stays up late, because I am a born and bred night owl. He also gives hugs now when I ask, and 75% of the time he will give kisses. The other 25% he makes me work for it, or just laughs because it is a little game to him. He loves videos with music, especially things that combine Sesame Street characters and real people. His laugh is infectious, he is incredibly ticklish, which combined makes me always want to tickle him. We are enjoying being at home for the month of April, all those trips to California are fun but extremely exhausting. It is nice to just live everyday life in our comfortable home, and I know that Aiden enjoys all the freedom that being at home gives him. Just as a last little funny, David always points to himself and says Da-Da, well in a funny turn of events Aiden is mimicking him. He is pointing to himself and saying Da-Da, it cracks me up every time. Hope you all have a good week, I will write again soon.

My Little Munchkin, Just Being Silly :)

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  1. I think he grew taller since we last saw him :)