Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Newest Addition

Falcor, the Bearded Dragon
Fell asleep on the couch
Fell asleep holding his balloon
Well we have a new addition to our little family, and Aiden is overjoyed. Falcor, the bearded dragon, has now made us a household of six. For Aiden it was love at first wave. It is one of the cutest interactions I have seen between a little kid and an animal. Aiden runs to the door wanting to see him, and when I pick him up to take him into the room, he starts waving like crazy.  When we get to the cage, he continues to wave and then something totally awesome happens, Falcor waves back to him! :) It is so much fun to see, I cannot get enough of it. I'm looking forward to watching the two of them grow together in the future; I had my last bearded dragon for 10 years, I am hoping this one lasts just as long. This past weekend we went to the Home & Garden Show, where the highlight was definitely Aiden getting a balloon. I have never met a kid who loved balloons so much, whenever he sees one that is the only thing he will think about. He just keeps repeating the word "balloon" over and over again. Nothing will stand in his way of getting a balloon, and now that he can climb pretty much everything in our house, nothing does stand in his way. Yesterday, I turned around to find him climbing onto the kitchen table. Yikes, no more turning my back on this crazy climber!

Fell asleep on the floor


  1. Ok...where's the video of Aiden waving and Falcor waving back. Too cute!

  2. Haha, I have tried but it is REALLY hard to record them both while holding Aiden.