Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quite A Week

Date: November 14, 2012
Weight: 22.7 pounds
Height 33 inches
First time in car seat
This week has been full of new adventures with Aiden, and I realized that he is going to be more of a handful than I thought. He crawled from his room, to our room, all the way to the guest room and the kicker is, he opened the baby gate.  Yes, my baby is that smart and strong. He figured out how to use the baby gate, so now I have to figure out something else to use to barricade my little darling in. Aiden had his first ride in his new carseat (thanks to the generosity of Auntie Marilyn and our change jar). After a lot of thought and argument with myself, we decided to put Aiden forward facing. He meets the height and weight requirements for the seat and he seems much happier facing forward. I also find it a lot easier to see him and check on him with the carseat this way. If those little milestones were not enough, I had to take his mobile down because he can pull all the animals off of it and hang from it now. Thankfully, it turns into a projector so he still has something calming for when he goes to sleep. Every time I go to get him from his bed, he is bouncing up and down in his crib and happy to see me. That is just a small taste of the shenanigans in our house this week, hopefully we have many more to report Thanksgiving week!

Happy in Jeep

Mr. Mobile

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  1. Have you already done boatloads of Christmas shopping for the little one?