Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

Playing on the floor and making his funny noises.
My little man has been hit with a dose of the silliness. He has always cracked me up, but lately he has been playing around with the different sounds he can make. Every couple of days he discovers a new one that make us both break into smiles. One in particular tends to spray me with his constant stream of drool, I have his Daddy to thank for that one. He started doing it to Aiden, now Aiden does it constantly. 
We have been spending a lot of time in Aiden's room lately, he loves playing on the floor with his toys. We didn't need a vacuum in the old house because we did not have carpet, now that we have carpet a vacuum is definitely on the list of house needs; especially since we spend so much time on the floor. 
Big smiles for the camera!
The house is starting to really come together, it should be done by the time Dave's mom comes out to visit in October.  We stumbled across this amazing antique/furniture store this past weekend and picked up a dresser for Aiden. I'm excited to go back there and see what other little gems we can discover together. I am sure that when we get visitors, it will be one of the stops we show them because of how cool a place it is. This weekend we are headed to Apple Valley for a big birthday party, we are really looking forward to seeing the family. Tune in next week to see how it went! :)

Date: September 26, 2012
Weight: 21.2 pounds
Height: 31.25 inches

Aiden playing and singing...La La La


  1. Look out American Idol...Here comes Aiden..LaLaLa.

    Looking forward to the weekend too, wish Matthew could be with us also.

    Love you

  2. Grandma!!! I am so excited you commented!! Can't wait to see you! :)