Monday, September 17, 2012

Creepy Crawlers

I hate spiders.

I truly hate spiders.

I just wanted to set you up for our live horror show last night, dealing guessed it, SPIDERS! I walked to the back door to let the dogs in from being outside when I felt something crawling on my legs. I had a mini freak out and brushed off a bunch of little spiders, then I saw them in a web in the bottom of my ponytail. Now, I had more of a major freak out, practically ripping the hair out of my head. When I turned to look where the little creepers had come from, I saw hundreds of tiny spiders spinning webs across my dining room chairs. After I made sure all of the spiders were off me, I grabbed Aiden and ran to the back of the house. To make matters worse, Dave was not picking up the phone which almost had me to the point of tears. Thankfully, Dave got home a few minutes later and to make a long story short. We (mostly Dave) spent the next two hours, killing and cleaning up black widow spider babies. Dave found out it was a black widow when he came across the mama spider with it's egg sac in one of our newly acquired dining room chairs. Needless to say, it was a long night and now today I am still constantly looking around for any spiders that may have gotten away. I still feel like they are crawling all over me, I can't stand that feeling. Keep us in your prayers that our spider encounters are now over, and that this crawling sensation passes soon before it drives me completely insane!

To help ease the horror of this story, I thought that I would end the post with my little bundle of cuteness. We took him to the county fair yesterday, we had a blast! 

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