Friday, March 2, 2012

Like Father Like Son

For the most part we have been told that little Aiden looks like his Daddy. I am okay with that since I think his father is a handsome man.  David wants him to look more like me and is overjoyed when the few people have commented that our little one has my features. Funnily enough, we were watching Bones last night and they said that babies tend to look like their fathers in the first year of life so that the fathers will be more likely to form a connection. I am not sure how much truth that holds, since I am getting my information from a television show but it sparked some hope in David's eyes.  I know that no matter who little Aiden grows up to look like, he will be a handsome little man. He has already stolen my heart and the hearts of many who have laid their eyes upon him. I did catch both of my men in pictures where you can really see their likeness, hope you enjoy! :) 

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