Friday, March 9, 2012

3-Weeks Old!

  My baby is three-weeks old today, it has been a roller-coaster of a ride.  I have never thought of myself as a paranoid person but motherhood changes things. All of a sudden you are worried about every single thing because this little person is completely dependent on you. Already my little man has given me plenty  to worry about, it has been a non-stop drama since Aiden was born.  
It all really started when Aiden was 4-days old; during a diaper change he decided to pull off his umbilical cord!  Honestly, I was much more traumatized than he was. He did not even cry when he did it, it was just something that happened and he was over it. I cried, freaked out a little, googled like crazy but eventually just settled down and decided to wait till the morning to take him to an already scheduled doctors appointment.  
Aiden was a little jaundiced so they tested his bilirubin levels, and also had to postpone his circumcision because he had lost some weight since birth. Overall the doctor said that everything looked good (including his belly-button area), Aiden behaved perfectly and they sent us on our way. The next day however, we got a call from our doctor that we should head to the local children's ER because Aiden's bilirubin levels were abnormally high. Thankfully, our ER here is amazing and the wait is under thirty minutes so my freaked out self did not have to wait too long for admittance. Right away we got good news, Aiden was just an ounce or two away from his birth weight. We were put into our own room, everyone was really nice and our little man was a champ. His bilirubin level had plateaued and we had nothing to worry about. They told us to take him out in the sunshine for 10 minutes twice a day and it would all clear up. I love that we got a prescription for sunshine, why can't all prescriptions be like that?
When I phoned our doctor with the news she told us to bring in Aiden at the end of the week for his circumcision since his weight was back up. Tears streamed down my face in the waiting room as his procedure was done, poor little guy. We heard him cry, heart wrenching sobs for a few seconds and then they stopped. Aiden is incredibly tough, he only cries when he is in serious pain and when it is done, so is he. He is a whole lot tougher than his mommy, I guarantee that I shed more tears than he did. The doctor gave us some instructions and things to look for, and again sent us on our way. I am not going to go into circumcision details, but let's just say that it gave me plenty to worry about and I was happy when that little ring finally fell off.
Just a few days ago we made another ER trip because Aiden had thrown up a couple times, seemed to be having some trouble breathing, had a little bit of a cough and was crying in pain. We got him checked out in the ER again, they told us that he seems to be okay just has a cold. He didn't have a fever and they said that the vomiting was probably due to overeating. The only thing they really did was put silver nitrate in his bellybutton to get rid of some excess skin in the area, Aiden did not like it but he put on a brave face. 
It is a good thing that Aiden is such a tough little boy because his mommy's heart breaks every time he cries from being in pain. He has spent more time in the ER in his first three weeks of life than I can remember spending in them my entire life. Here's hoping the next three weeks are a little smoother than the first and completely ER free!

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