Sunday, January 22, 2012

10 days...

Aiden's crib all made up (minus bumper-coming soon)
Changing Station :)
 Well, we have come to the final countdown. I know there is no guarantee that Aiden will be here in 10 days exactly(unless by method of induction, I will him to do so) but the symbolism is there nonetheless. In just a few days my whole world will change, I'm sure all the preparation in the world has not even begun to prepare me for the journey Dave and I will undertake as parents. We have the house set up as best we can for our little ones arrival, but I am sure as soon as he gets here I will discover that we were not even close to being ready. I already know that the first few months raising this kid by ourselves is going to be difficult, but I'm hoping that having my mom here for the first week will help prepare me for it. I already know that we will make mistakes, to err is human but I hope that the mistakes are minor and don't scar him for life(literally and figuratively). Even though I am incredibly nervous for his arrival, I find my excitement to meet him growing exponentially. I cannot wait to see him face-to-face, hold him in my arms, take his first picture and see his first smile. I'll post again when we have some news about Aiden's arrival, perhaps when he makes his grand entrance into this strange new world.

Aiden's closet

Bouncer and car seat


  1. Time of our life just ahead, set sails, throw out the compass, its all a blind journey from here on out

  2. It all looks adorable. :) You guys will be great parents and do post pictures when he comes! :)