Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Team "Tiny" Debut

The three of us make "Team Tiny!"
 On January 7, 2012 David had his "debut" fight with Bang! gym. He was scheduled for two previous fights, but the other fighter backed out. It turned out that third time was a charm, because this time he was able to take the cage with his opponent. Like the good fiancee I attempt to be, I am always there cheering him on and supporting him. This time I made sure that he knew that he had the support of both his future wife and son. We sat in the front row with our sign cheering the loudest and doing our best not to hold our breath. I cannot deny that I was relieved when the fight was over because there is something very stressful about the man you love stepping into a cage to fight another human being. I put my faith in the fact that he trains so hard and that he has promised me that he would be okay(we are big on promises). The nickname for Dave at his gym is "Tiny;" both a play on his size and also to set him apart from the other Daves that frequent his gym. It makes me chuckle because many people do not even know his real name. I hear people constantly refer to him as "Tiny" and sometimes they refer to me as "Tiny's woman." 
I did my best to film his fight, but it was a little harder than I anticipated. I did not want to stare at the fight through a little screen when I am sitting in the front row, so it isn't of the highest caliber. I am happy to say that I did not have to film for very long, the fight ended in under two minutes. Dave was amazing, which I had no doubt that he would be. You do not have to take my word for it though, check out the video and see how my fiance' dominated the cage. 

Dave's Fight

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