Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hello Wednesday

A week or so ago we had an awesome storm blow through town. Aiden and I were alone at home and we had a blast. Since almost all of our windows lack screens, we got to enjoy the storm in a non-traditional fashion.  We could not enjoy it from our porch because the water flooded the area, so we got to enjoy the storm by sitting in the window sill. Aiden loved the rain, hail, thunder and lightning. He truly is a kid after my own heart.

I don't really have any thrilling updates or news, we have spent most of July at home. I do however have fun pictures and videos to share! :)

One of the crabs from our fish tank. Aiden LOVES to search for the crabs!

 Aiden loves to put things on his fingers, just like his uncle Matthew with olives. Also notice, he is rocking superman underwear. We are in training.

 First time in a Bounce House. He LOVED it. I was terrified.

Block Tower 

We made this video during the storm! Love this kid!

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