Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Drum Roll Please...

We have crammed our family into a little Toyota Corolla since the beginning of our relationship. It was a suitable car when it was just the two adults and two dogs. When Aiden came along, it was more than a little crammed. Now that we have another one on the way, we knew that we had to get a bigger car for our growing family. What better way to reveal the gender of our newest addition than by incorporating our first big purchase as a family. :)

A blue minivan for my band of boys. :) 
Little Connor John Sanders is due November 17 and we couldn't be happier!

Connor is an Irish name. It means to be "strong willed" and "wise." We chose the middle name John after my father. There is no person that Dave and I look up to more than my dad. He is a one-of-a-kind man and we cannot think of a better way to honor him than to name our youngest son after him. I am so glad that we get to bring our children into a world where they are a part of such a loving family. :)

Happy Wednesday All!! :)


  1. Hello Amber and Dave, I am deeply humbled and honored by the decision on your sons middle name. It brought a tear to my eye when you mom read it to me. Love ya both Dad!

  2. Yeah...Aiden is so happy holdin up the sign. Way to make him involved. Yeah John, I got a tear reading post. So happy for another nephew. Love Auntie Marilyn

  3. Congratulations, We couldn't be happier. It was a real grabber seeing Aiden holding the sign, and you couldn't have picked a better name, your Dad is the best. And, the new car, wow, that's great! Love to all "4" of you. Gma Rosie.