Friday, August 23, 2013

Epic Fail

Aiden's Bedtime Routine-Read till he falls asleep
Too cool in his shades!
I want to start by saying, I hate when things slip through the cracks and I hate sticking anything on the back burner. Honestly, these last couple weeks have kicked my booty.  I have put so much on my plate, that I am struggling to find the necessary balance to make it all work.  I am working full time, taking care of Aiden full-time, coaching volleyball, trying to keep the house up, making meals, and planning a wedding. Those are the main things on my plate, but there are tons of little jobs that come up in between all those items on my ever growing to-do list. I can really tell that my work load has tripled when I look at my phone and notice the lack of new photos of my son. I used to have 20+ a day, and now I am lucky if I get a couple in a week. Sitting down to write this, I realize that I need to put time aside to focus on the blog. It is important and should be higher on my priority list for a number of reasons. One, it keeps my friends and family connected with what is going on with our lives. Two, writing is a release for me and it keeps me intellectually stimulated. Three, every once in awhile when life settles down, it is nice to be able to have this blog to look back on and see everything that has brought us to this moment. Thank you for your patience with my blog absence, will write again next week.

All his friends came along for the ride!
Big Boy sits at the table!


  1. I think you need to take more intellectually stimulating moments, and just relax, and breathe.

    Love you and miss you and wish I was there to help you.

  2. Love Aiden's little habit of reading himself to sleep now! Our mom used to do a lot with left overs to help save a little time, when I was in college staying at Nikki's we did crock pot meals quite a bit...maybe you could start experimenting more with those? Wish I could do help you out a little more too but, I am excited about your Coaching job!! :)