Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July Went By

Holy heat stroke Batman! It is sooo hot in our house, I feel as if my skin is melting off. Normally, our little swamp cooler does a great job off keeping our house tolerable but since it is humid(monsoon season) we are suffering. The past two days it has been 92+ in our house for most of the day, we get a tiny bit of relief after midnight when the temperature drops down to 82.  Despite me love of lightning and rain, I cannot wait for monsoon season to be over. Anyway, it has been really busy for us the past few weeks. We have been all over the place; vacationing in Vegas, hanging out in Apple Valley and I was in Orange County. Not only have we been traveling a lot but we have been dealing with big changes with Aiden, he can now officially escape from his crib and pack 'n' play. He is a little young to have to train to sleep in 'big boy" bed but so far he is taking to it pretty well. I transformed his crib into a toddler bed, and so far it has been working out better than expected. I toddler proofed his room to the best of my abilities, put him in his bed and lock him in his room. I think he enjoys the new freedom, but he is still a little wary about being locked up.  I put him in his bed, as soon as I close the door he runs to it and tries to get out. After a few minutes he gives up, crawls back into bed, reads a few books and then put his head on his pillow to sleep. He is also sleeping through the night in his "new bed," which has made my life so much easier. :)  Hope you enjoy this slew of pictures as "catch up" over the past couple weeks!

Father and son on the swing, too cute! :)

He stole my seat! :) I hear I did that when I was younger...

He REALLY enjoyed dinner!

Father and son walking into the sunset :)

Aiden's New Bed!

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  1. I love his new bed! Yay, for sleeping through the night :) Thanks for all the pictures...