Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sayonara Mara!

Mara came to visit us on Sunday, and much to our dismay she leaves today. Aiden had so much fun playing with her, stealing her gatorade bottles and learning how to make alphabet soup with her! We toured a little bit of Kingman, took her to the best root beer spot in town, watched Robin Hood, played Disney Scene-It and visited an Alpaca farm! It was a really good visit and we cannot wait to host her again so we can have many more adventures. She got to experience many of Aiden's latest quirky behaviors; which a description here cannot do justice. One of his latest favorite pastimes is spinning in circles, this kid loves to get dizzy. Not only does he spin in circles but he tries to watch you as he does it, it is hilarious to see him do it in person. He is too much fun, even if he does give us all heart attacks with his crazy antics!

There is something else special about this day, it is Aiden's Grandmas Birthday! :) Happy Birthday Mom! :) We love you!


  1. Love this post...hi know I remember Matthew running in auntie marilyn

  2. Had a great time with you guys and cannot wait to see you again! :) Happy birthday Aunt Michelle! :)