Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One Year Down

Well it is official, my little boy is now one-year-old. Over the weekend of the 17th we had a little party commemerating the occasion, and the following Monday we took Aiden to Disneyland for the very first time! It was an amazing experience, and I cannot wait to take him again and again as he gets older. He loved meeting all the characters, he was completely fascinated by them. The rides were a little scary for him because he is not a big fan of the dark but I know that with time he will love them just as much as his mama does. His party was a big hit, and he had a pretty good turn out. He devoured his first cupcake, I've never seen anyone lean so much into a piece of food. It was so fun to see him enjoy himself so much. This was his very first birthday, I tried to make it as special as I could and I am so glad to be blessed with such a good natured and sweet little boy.  At the end of opening presents, he stood up and clapped, I could not ask for a better end to the party. I am so glad that he found a way to convey his gratitude and happiness with his guests. He has been running through the house playing with all his new toys since we got home, even while being sick. He loves the balloons from the party, he can even say balloon! His vocabulary is quickly expanding and I know that before I know it, we will be having full-on intelligible conversations. We are enjoying our time at home, when March rolls around we will be spending practically the whole month out of town. Hope you enjoy all the pictures from Aiden's Birthday Weekend!

Picture with Tigger!!!
In Front of Toon Town!!!

Mara, Anna and Auntie Marilyn
were in front of us!

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  1. I agree, every minute with Aiden is a blessing. That boy is beautiful inside and out. Love him, love him, love him :)