Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Helping Mommy With Work!
Christmas Tree Shopping
What a fun date and it is the last one I will see in my lifetime! I am so happy that it happened on a Wednesday, so I get to blog on it! As I predicted last week, Aiden has all four front teeth poking through his little gums. It has been a very trying week with many sleepless nights. I know that these moments are fleeting, so I try to enjoy all of them even when running on zero sleep. We tried to get a Christmas tree this past weekend, it was comical to say the least. We had an 8-foot tree strapped to the top of our Toyota Corolla, which ended up not fitting into our house. It was like we just stepped out of a National Lampoon movie. Our Christmas tree will just have to wait till the weekend to brighten up our home. Aiden has started to jump in his crib, reminding me of his Uncle Matthew. I hope that he has the same hops and athleticism. Speaking of Uncle Matthew, one week from today Aiden will get to meet him for the first time and I will get to see my brother for the first time  in almost a year.  I cannot begin to explain how excited I am for that. So, don't be surprised if you don't get an update next week. Aiden and I will be in Vegas welcoming Uncle Matthew home!

Date: December 12, 2012
Weight: 22.5 pounds
Height: 33 inches

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  1. I like his first little haircut there too! Looking forward to seeing you guys in Vegas as well. Yay, Matthew's coming home!