Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Date: June 13, 2012
Weight: 17.4 pounds
Height: 28 inches

Blogging has become a lot more difficult since I no longer have a laptop. I miss that hunk of machinery so much! I am determined to keep up with Aiden's Weigh-In Wednesdays, even though it means comandeering a computer to input his latest stats.
Although Aiden rolled over the day he was born, he hasn't really seemed to interested in that milestone since. I think it is probably because he isn't a huge fan of being on his stomach, but he rolls onto his side all the time. The only time that he really tries to roll over is when he is on the changing table or in his seat, I think he wants his first "official" roll to be some amazing spectacle. Apparently just rolling over on the floor would not be impressive enough for my little man(although I would be impressed.) He has the strength and ability to roll, I swear that he just chooses not to. Sometimes I feel like he is just playing with me, psyching me out with his 3/4 of a roll. I almost think that he might skip rolling all together and go right to crawling!
Thanks for checking in on Aiden and me, we will be back next Wednesday at the latest!

Aiden's First Time Falling Asleep on the Floor

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  1. It's amazing seeing the progression of how fast Aiden is growing!