Thursday, February 16, 2012

Aiden Has Arrived!!

The whole world became a little bit brighter on February 17, 2012 at 12:07 am, that is the moment that Aiden made his first appearance. He was born a healthy baby boy at 8 pounds 10 ounces and was 21 inches long. All of the doctors sang his praises, proclaiming him a perfect baby and congratulating us on such a successful labor. 
Labor was not as I had originally imagined, since it did not begin with my water breaking (as I had always expected it to be). Aiden was due on the fifteenth of February, when he did not make his appearance my doctors started to really push getting me induced as soon as possible. I was desperate not to have this happen if it was in my power. I tried all of the normal ways to jump start labor and also a way which I had never before heard of; Labor Inducing Cookies. I did not really think that they would be effective but considering Aiden was born within 24 hours of me eating them, I am a believer. 
Around 3 am on the 16th I started having severe back pain, that would not allow me to sleep. I did not think that is was labor since it was just pain in my back. Dave went to work and I went about my day as best I could. After a few more hours, the pain continued to increase so I told Dave that I felt like we should probably go to the hospital. When he got home, I had everything ready to go and we immediately left for the hospital. Once we were admitted, the doctor checked me out and informed me that I was 6 cm dilated and my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart. It was nice to know that I was not going crazy earlier, and that the pain I had been feeling was truly because I was in labor. I decided to get an epidural, because I have this incredible aversion to pain and I got a lot of positive feedback from people in the medical community. The only negative moment was when my labor had stalled a bit and the nurse said that if it did not pick up again, we would have to look at the possibility of a c-section. We prayed really hard for the next 30 minutes and when the doctor came to check on me, I had jumped from a 7 to a 9 1/2! The doctor said it was time to push! About 45-60 minutes later little Aiden blessed us with his presence. He was absolutely perfect, as all the doctors had proclaimed. It was nice that it was not just a mother's biased opinion that thought so. :) Welcome little guy, you are well loved. I can't wait to introduce you to all of your eagerly awaiting family, I love you so very much!!! 


  1. Wow, that was so sweet! I'd like you to post said-Labor Inducing Cookies so I can keep that in mind when I go into labor! LOL! He really looks incredibly sweet! Congratulations!!! I'm glad you had a quick delivery and that the only pains you felt were in your back. I know it doesn't sound great and likely felt horrendous at the time, but I'm thinking your back is one of the strongest parts of your body so if anything, I'd prefer to feel it in my back than anywhere else (plus I already deal with back issues so maybe this is a biased opinion). Regardless, I'm so happy for you!!!!

  2. How clever, posting at 12:07. This is my third attempt at posting. I know now to write somewhere else, and then paste, because I lose all my heart-felt words, and have to redo it. Thanks for sharing...I love that you have these pages.
    Love Auntie Marilyn

    1. :) I am glad that you are enjoying them Auntie Marilyn! I'm doing my best to keep you all updated with Aiden since you don't get to experience him in person yet! I love you and miss you!!!