Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Banner Week

It has been a banner week. 
Aiden got 100% dressed all by himself. 
Connor has begun walking A LOT.  
My team and I were involved in a bus accident that ended in a fatality.

I am not allowed to go into further detail about the accident, but rest assured that we are all fine. Our thoughts and prayers are with the driver's family.  Thankfully volleyball season is coming to an end this week, it has been a long, painful and overall miserable season. I have had multiple run-ins with horrid parents, and girls who do not care about the sport at all. I have never met a groups of girls with less passion, desire, or motivation in my life. Last year I had an assistant coach, this year I was not allowed to have one and my stipend was cut. I have decided that this is my last year coaching, at least at that school. I would like to do it again in the future, I just cannot bring myself to do it again at that school. 

Aiden is very excited for Halloween. He got his costume in the mail yesterday and could not wait to try it on. He was so excited that he ended up falling asleep in it. :) Originally, he wanted to be a ghost but then he had his heart set on Spiderman, I figured that it is okay that he won't fit the theme of the Halloween party we are throwing, since he is a little kid. :) We are having a Hogwarts Halloween Party, how cool is that? I am so stoked! We are co-hosting with our friends, the Rotters. Well, that is our update for this week. I will try to check in again soon!

My boys playing together. :) Love these cute boys.

Connor being his cute, adorable self!


  1. Amber, I am sorry about the car accident...what a scary incident to be a part of, esp. with a fatality. I am happy you all are okay and will pray for the people involved.

    Good job on the volleyball season and all the work you have been doing with the team. Anna & I know what it is like to coach kids who have no desire or motivation to confused us & frustrated us as to why they even joined to begin with. In the end we were able to help them find the joy & will to push the point they actually wanted to run when they came to practice :) I am glad I had Anna with me through the process, cannot imagine doing that alone. Especially, when it's the parents that could use some of the coaching, lol. So, even though your season is coming to an end, try to stay positive and continue to demonstrate your love for the sport. You'll be surprised how much those girls will take away what you've tried to instill. Happy to hear your coaching career will not end here!

  2. Love Aiden in his spiderman costume!! Just tried to watch the videos but, not working. will have to try again later...