Thursday, April 30, 2015


Connor at a Wedding
I have never experienced something before quite like taking care of two sick little boys while you, yourself are sick. If I thought life was challenging before, it does not hold a candle to the difficulty when everyone is under the weather. I know I missed last weeks post, time just slipped away while I was appeasing a very whiny three-year-old and a tooth cutting 5-month old.  That is right, my little Connor has not only cut his first tooth but his second as well!
Aiden and his buddy Thunder
We did manage to get Connor's crib put together and his room pretty much all set up, since Connor is officially too big and mobile for the cradle. He is rolling all over now, and is loving hanging out in his room.  He is pretty pleasant for a sick baby, he does not let it get him down. Aiden and I have started reading The Wizard of Oz before bed.  We read a chapter a night, and it is a time that I truly treasure.  There is something really special about sharing good literature with the people you love. I hope that Aiden continues to develop his love of books and that his little brother follows in his footsteps! Please enjoy these pictures and videos; pray that the three of us get better soon and that Dave does not catch it! I am not posting any weigh-ins this week since we have all been sick and have either lost weight or not gained any at all. When we are healthier, we will pick it back up.

Best Big Brother Ever!

Bath Time!

Cute and Crazy

Connor in his "new" crib

Aiden picked this poppy from our yard for me! :) Love him!!
Aiden Entertaining Connor in the Car

Connor--too cute for words big brother--before I captured this video Aiden was
 making Connor giggle so hard. Love these boys!

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  1. Love you guys. Praying you all get better soon!