Wednesday, November 5, 2014


We had a very busy weekend, as I am sure that many of all of you did as well since Halloween was on Friday.  I had an army costume picked out for Aiden but when we went to the store to pick up candy on Friday he fell in love with a dinosaur costume and since it was 50% off and the first time he has shown real interest in Halloween, I caved and got it for him.  We waited for Dave to get home so we could go trick-or-treating, and maybe hit a couple of the church festivals. I had Aiden in his costume when his daddy got home, and he roared and giggled when he walked through the door. We loaded up into the van and headed to one of the little church festivals since it was still a little early. Much to our dismay, three minutes into to the drive Aiden fell asleep.  We headed home, put Aiden in bed and impatiently waited for him to wake up hoping that it would be in time to do some trick-or-treating. Eventually, he woke up but he was pretty crabby so we decided to just hit a few houses on our street and go home. He made us say "Trick or Treat," but he said "Thank You" and "Bye Bye" every time. After the first few houses he started to get into it and we ended up walking around the neighborhood for an hour and a half.  The people LOVED him, he got so much candy it was ridiculous. All-in-all it ended up being a pretty good Halloween for the three of us. :) On Saturday, we packed up the van and headed to Apple Valley. We got to watch Adam perform in the Sundevil Classic, which they did really well in. They have improved SO much since the last time I saw them perform! On Sunday, we were kicked out of the house while they prepared for the baby shower. We took Aiden to get his 2nd haircut at an official hair cut place. It started off pretty rough but by the end he was doing pretty well. I don't have any baby shower pictures yet, so I will have to post more about that event on a follow up blog. Enjoy your week, 12 days till Connor is supposed to arrive!

He is wrapped in 5 cute little burrito!
Playing on the playground after his haircut

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