Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Potty Training

Pluto is Potty Training with us.. :)
My attempt at a playdough train to appease Aiden...
He loves hats..even when they are not really hats. :)
We are on Day 3 of full-time potty training. It is going relatively well, we have gone through a lot of underwear but he has not had many full on accidents.  I have REALLY started to show in the past week, which has made potty training even more difficult. Chasing around Aiden and taking him to the bathroom every half an hour is taking its toll on me but if I only have to change one kid's diapers when Connor comes it will be worth the extra effort. Pregnancy is kicking my butt, honestly the only good thing about it is that you get a cute little kid at the end of it. 33 days till my due date, which is blowing my mind. Even though this pregnancy has been incredibly difficult I cannot believe that it is almost over. I am hoping that Connor comes when he is supposed to, because I am going to need every day up until the 17th to prepare. Volleyball season ends next weekend, I cannot wait but I know that Aiden will miss it. He has become quite the little coach. He likes to tell the girls what to do when we are working on conditioning, I think it makes it easier for them as well because he is so darn adorable. Aiden will tell them to run faster, jump up and down, turn around and sit down (for wall sits) and keep your hands up.He is such a good little helper, I hope that he is helpful with his little brother!

He likes to be pushed around in the shopping cart...

Most adorable sleeper


  1. Aiden IS absolutely the most adorable sleeper and the most adorable when he is not sleeping. Love him, love you, Connor too, and Dave.

  2. So cute! Miss him and you too. Mom

  3. Ok, so Pluto in underwear is hilarious and a great idea :) Luv u Aiden!