Friday, March 28, 2014

So Smart

Aiden is constantly surprising me these days with how smart he is. I know, I sound like a "typical" mom bragging about her kid but he really knocks my socks off. We were in the store the other day, waiting in line and he pointed up to the sign and says "2." We are in line 2, so he is right on the money. He leans over and points to the first line and says "1," then looks to the line on our right and says "3!" Aiden is at point where he can almost count to 10 and recognize all the numbers, even when they are out of order. He gets a little tripped up on 4 and 7 but still, pretty impressive for a two-year-old. Aiden is also getting pretty good with his alphabet, he can almost sing the song with a just a few hiccups here and there. He recognizes many letters and points them out all the time.  It is so amazing to watch someone learn and comprehend so much in the world around them. I am loving every minute of it. Please enjoy these non-educational videos of my little man, just being his silly self!

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  1. Awww ...don't worry about sounding like a typical mom. I catch myself all the time. When my baby learned to wave bye bye I was like, "look at that! My baby is a genius!!!" haha We all do it ;)