Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hell on Wheels

Aiden and his puppies!
I love Aiden. I love being his mom, watching him grow and being there as his personality develops. I am savoring the moments that he is this small, because I know that they go by all to quickly. Keeping all this in mind, I cannot wait for him to outgrow a couple of things. I think that angels will start to sing choruses of Hallelujah when this kid sleeps through the night regularly and can make it through a long drive semi-peacefully. You would think that after making the drive to California nearly a dozen times, he would be relatively comfortable with the trip. You would be WRONG if you thought that though. My cute, perfect little child seems to be possessed during the middle two hours of our trip, and he refuses to fall asleep until we are less than 45 minutes from home. 3 1/2 hours of entertaining an unhappy child in the backseat is it own kind of hell.  Despite the really unpleasant drive, we continue to make the trip out there (each time hoping this will be the one that he finally settles down) and I hope that my family can see how much they mean to us, that we would subject ourselves to this so often.  I know that usually I just talk about how perfect my little man (because he is) and what cute things he is doing, but I wanted to bring a little different perspective and document this "different" stage of his childhood.  I know that these days will make me appreciate when he grows out of it that much more. Here is a little video of him being silly to end on a good note!

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  1. my son is a complete ham, but he has a variant of skills and talents that he has gotten from his mother.